Chicken Pesto Sandwich

Slice chicken breasts in half lengthwise to create 3 chicken cutlets. Season both sides of each piece with Italian seasoning, salt, and pepper.

Heat 1 tbsp of oil over med-high heat.

Sear chicken on both sides for 5 mins, or until chicken reaches 165°F.

Remove cooked chicken from pan & replace with ciabatta rolls. Toast for 1 min on each side.

Place toasted rolls on cutting board & spread 1 tbsp mayo on each half of roll.

Spread 1¼ tbsps of pesto on other half of each roll

Add 1 cutlet of chicken to each sandwich.

Add 1½ ounces of mozzarella to each sandwich

Place slices of Roma tomato on top of each half with the mozzarella. Brush with oil and return to warm skillet. Toast for about 2 mins until cheese has melted.